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Keely Seaverson is a Minnesota attorney with over 15 years of experience giving personalized, holistic support to over 1,000  surrogates, donors, and intended parents in their family-building journeys.





A well-drafted, personalized agreement between parents and surrogates is a critical expectation-setting tool and legal protection to all parties in a surrogacy journey.  When representing parents in drafting this agreement, we will discuss all of the specifics of your case to ensure the agreement matches your individual needs.  Surrogacy is a relational process, and having a skilled and collaborative negotiator is also critically important to starting the relationship between you and your surrogate on a positive path.  I am dedicated to providing that approach and establishing a strong foundation for your journey.


As a surrogate, you are dedicating yourself to helping another family that would not exist if not for your kindness and willingness to give this amazing gift.  Despite your genuine motivation to help another family in this way, it is necessary to ensure you and your family are protected and that your interests are represented.   Based on my background helping parents and surrogates through all stages of their journeys since 2006, I have the experience to foresee the real-life situations you may face, identify your individual needs, and reflect those needs in the terms of your agreement.  


Many intended parents' family-building journeys would not be possible without a sperm or egg donor, and your willingness to volunteer to be a donor for another family takes compassion and is an invaluable gift.  Although many states have laws to address sperm and/or egg donation, the parameters for the law to apply are typically narrow and may not apply to your situation, which means a contract may be your sole protection.  Whether the law applies or not, the contract between you and your intended parent(s) is critical for setting expectations and ensuring the relationship remains positive now and into the future.


At the start of a surrogacy journey, one of the early decisions made is the surrogacy agency that will guide your journey.  In an unregulated field, parents and surrogates often place a great amount of trust in their agency to deliver services as verbally promised.  Despite this, there are important protections that should be reflected in the written agreement with your agency, and having an attorney review that agreement is a critical part of controlling your risks in your journey.



I am passionate about setting my clients up for a successful, risk-controlled process as parents, surrogates, and donors prepare to take their family-building journey together.  Although this is a process without any guarantees as to the ultimate outcome, there are important steps that can be taken to create a strong foundation for a successful experience. 

I am a skilled negotiator and take a collaborative approach when crafting an agreement between the various parties involved in a surrogacy or donor arrangement to ensure each contract appropriately balances the interests of all involved.  Third party family-building is a relational process and the success of each relationship is based largely on setting clear expectations up front to minimize surprises as the journey unfolds.  

Having helped build over 1,000 families in my 15 year career in this field, I am able to draw from that vast experience when advising my clients about preparing successfully for their own process.

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Keely A. Seaverson, Esq.


I am an attorney specializing in surrogacy and third-party family building who has helped over 1,000 intended parents, surrogates, and donors during my 15 year career in this field.  Much of that career was as Managing Director of a Minnesota surrogacy agency that became one of the most reputable agencies in the U.S. during my tenure there.  

I graduated from Hamline University School of Law in 2014 and was admitted to the Minnesota Bar that same year.  Since then, I have facilitated over 1,000 contracts between parents and surrogates or  donors who went on to have successful journeys together.  

In addition to being an educator and guide to parents and surrogates, my work in this field has involved working side-by-side with other professionals in the third-party reproduction field in the U.S. and internationally.  This has led to a broad and deep understanding of this niche field of work and the accompanying legal, medical, psychological, and financial sides of this complex journey.

I have been active in educating others about surrogacy and how to facilitate surrogacy ethically, including educating law school classes and speaking on professional panels for the American Bar Associates, SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation & Surrogacy), The Family Equality Council, and the Midwest chapter of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.  

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